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I'm Anne nice to see you here again (or meet you.)
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Hi new and old friends Shoot me a message if you like! (I might be kinda slow but I'll get back to you and we shall be besties) This is a Multifandom blog!
I'm a Supernaturalist, Whovian, Sherlockian (Superwholock!), Cortexifan, Green Fantern. Other fandoms ( X-files, DC and Marvel, Buffy)
I REALLY LOVE FELICIA DAY AND MISHA COLLINS also I'm a huge book fan. (SEND ME A BOOK SUGGESTION AND I'LL SUGGEST YOU A BOOK IN RETURN) I'll read anything and post a review if someone suggests it to me!
Thank you very much and enjoy your stay!

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Misha apocalyse


I did this to all of our Family photos in our living room. if i get grounded for this when my mom sees SO WORTH IT. 

just sitting here laughing at my own prank. MWAHAHAHA

my mom gets home at 5:30 so i’m just hiding upstairs waiting for the laughter or the YOU ARE DEAD TO ME CHILD. 

My favorite is the Ballerina. Hehehe

I wrote on the first face in pen WELCOME TO THE MISHAPOCALYSE YOU R WELCOME. 

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